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The Story

This film is based on the true story of the Reavey Brother killings. On 4th January 1976 Anthony, John Martin and Brian, three brothers of eight, were sitting at home watching TV when three masked gunmen broke in and opened fire on them. John and Brian were killed straight away, while Anthony managed to escape to the bedroom and take cover under a bed. He was shot several times and left for dead, after searching the house the gunmen found no one else and left. Moments later badly wounded Anthony, crawled to a nearby neighbours house to seek help, sadly Anthony died of a brain hemorrhage in hospital 26 days later.

The whole community of Armagh was shocked by these killings and various members of the family including Eugene Reavey, are still doing wonderful work towards anti violence related causes. Please go and check out the fantastic work that the charity of Peaceful Futures South Armagh are doing on their Facebook page, as well as Eugene’s Twitter page.


This film tells the story of the night leading up to the killings, the night of the killings and the devastating aftermath that they caused. This film is made with the complete blessing of the Reavey family and is written and directed by John Reavey, nephew of the three brothers.

The short film 'Reavey Brothers' (2022) sold out 18 screenings across the UK,

with over 4,500 tickets sold to see the piece in cinemas.

The film is currently in the writing stages for a feature length piece.

For more information, check out our social media pages.

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